As a participating Tree City, USA city, Happy Valley is dedicated to the planting of trees for a variety of reasons. They protect our creeks and streams, clean the air, and beautify our streets and parks.

To help with this mission, Happy Valley is fortunate to have a great partner in Friends of Trees, an organization dedicated to “inspiring community stewardship of our urban forests by bringing people together to plant and care for trees and natural areas.” Through their support, multiple community plantings are held in Happy Valley each year.

A great opportunity to show your appreciation for the nature around you is to participate in an Arbor Day event. While many holidays honor an event in the past, Arbor Day is about growing and maintaining trees for future generations to enjoy. These events celebrate the amazing and far-reaching benefits of trees, primarily by hosting plantings and tree care events.


2019 Arbor Day Events in Happy valley



Event will be held Saturday, March 16, from 8:45 am – 1 pm. The event will include planting native trees and shrubs.

Please dress for the weather and wear sturdy closed toed shoes. Gloves, tools and guidance will be provided. Some of the perks of participating include tasty breakfast pastries and hot coffee/chocolate.

Registration is requested for this event. Visit to sign up today.



Event will be held Friday, April 19, from 8:45 am – 1 pm. This event will include mulching and hand ivy removal.

Please dress for the weather and wear sturdy, closed toed shoes. Gloves, tools and guidance will be provided. Breakfast pastries and warm beverages also provided.

For more information about these two events or to register, visit


For both events, Friends of Trees coordinators, Jenny, Pablo or Carey, can be contacted at (503) 595-0213 with any questions.