Field Replacement Project at Happy Valley Park

Field Replacement Project at Happy Valley Park

With Happy Valley Park a popular location for organized sports and leisurely play, it is understandable that highly sought after amenities like the fields will eventually need to be replaced. Over time, uneven ground emerges, bare spots are more noticeable, and general wear and tear occurs. This is all par for the course, even with proper care. Given the Park’s fields are showing readiness for a significant update as a result of ongoing use, the City of Happy Valley will kick off a major field renovation project on July 5 that is slated to extend through summer 2024.

Project Benefits

  • updates to irrigation and drainage lines
  • fencing and sign modifications
  • infield upgrades to baseball field
  • and the planting of new grass

Impact to Park use
All multi-use soccer and baseball fields will be closed for use for the duration of the project. Closure begins July 5 and continues through summer 2024.
While the City recognizes this is a significant amount of time to close these multi-use areas, limiting access to the Park’s fields will ensure their optimal use once the project is complete.

Park restrooms and active areas such as sports courts, playgrounds, skate park, and off-leash dog areas will remain open. Please be advised that the main road that extends from the northern parking lots and lower areas of the park will be closed to all vehicle traffic beginning Wednesday, Aug. 2 during construction hours. This means the parking lots at the southern end of the park (nearest Picnic Shelters A and B) will be closed during working hours. Picnic Shelters A and B will also be temporarily closed to reservations as the construction crew carries out some initial project work. This initial work is anticipated to be completed by fall.

What to expect
Visitors to Happy Valley Park will notice increased dust, noise, and construction equipment onsite. Park goers are encouraged to be cautious when traversing the park’s pathways and exercise safe habits when crossing main thoroughfares as construction vehicles will be in active operation. Visitors utilizing the dog park areas or playgrounds nearest Picnic Shelter A will need to find alternative parking when southern lots are closed to vehicles. Please be respectful when parking in residential neighborhoods. Do not block resident driveways and be mindful of any parking signs.

Project completion
Major construction efforts will culminate towards the end of summer 2023, but it will be important for the fields to remain off limits for an extended period. Foot traffic and other equipment will be prohibited or extremely limited while the newly planted grass is given time to germinate. At this time, field replacements are anticipated to wrap fully by late summer 2024. The City will update this webpage as needed to communicate any changes to this plan.

Questions or concerns
Construction hours will be limited to Monday through Friday from 7am to 6pm with occasional work occurring on Saturdays as needed. Residents and visitors to the Park who have questions or concerns about construction efforts are encouraged to contact the contractor directly.

Josiah Thomas
Western United Civil Group

Residents may also wish to contact the Project Manager with any general questions.

Mark Aasland
Pace Engineering
[email protected]

Parks improvement projects, such as this one, are fully funded by the Happy Valley Parks Levy, which is voted on by residents every five years. This critical funding not only helps maintain our beloved recreational amenities but allows for their long-term accessibility by residents and visitors alike.