Middle Housing Code Amendments

CPA-07-21 and LDC-06-21: Land Development and Comprehensive Plan Amendments associated with implementation of House Bill 2001 and Senate Bill 458.

The Oregon Legislature passed House Bill 2001 and Senate Bill 458 to help increase the supply of housing, particularly more affordable housing options. As now required by this state law, Happy Valley is updating the City’s Land Development Code and Comprehensive Plan to comply. The proposed amendments generally allow residential property owners the option to construct a townhome, duplex, triplex, quadplex, or cottage cluster rather than a detached single-family dwelling in all residential areas (HB 2001) and reduce barriers for the units to be purchased individually (SB 458). Proposed Comprehensive Plan amendments update housing policies.

House Bill 2001 Implementation

Alongside other cities in the State, the City of Happy Valley is required to allow property owners in all residential areas the option to construct a townhome, duplex, triplex, quadplex, or cottage cluster, known as middle housing. Previously, these types of developments were only allowed in multi-family residential zones, while single-family areas were reserved for detached houses.

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The changes are intended to provide community members more opportunities for housing that better fit their needs in the neighborhoods they love. Though it is expected that detached single-family homes will remain the dominant housing type in most neighborhoods, the State expects the expanded housing options to gradually increase the housing supply up to 3% over time.

The City of Happy Valley has an opportunity to implement the legislation with some extra requirements, so the expanded housing options complement the community and maintain Happy Valley’s small-town feel. Though House Bill 2001 and Senate Bill 458 limit the City’s ability to mandate certain design features or site requirements, the City’s draft amendments include additional design requirements. A statewide model code will automatically apply if we do not adopt our own standards by July 1, 2022.

The following zoning designations are affected: R-40, R-20, R-15, R-10, R-8.5, R-7, R-5, SFA, VTH, MUR-S, & MUR-A. Check your zoning at https://happyvalley.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=1043b407912e4e4c94890813846da69b.

Senate Bill 458

Image courtesy of the City of Eugene

Senate Bill 458 requires Happy Valley to allow property owners to subdivide middle housing units (a triplex, quadplex, or cottage housing) so that the dwellings may be individually sold or owned with the land below them. The units may not be stacked on each other, and each lot may only contain a single dwelling. The City will also require frontage improvements and dedication as feasible.

Comprehensive Plan Amendments

As a long-term policy guiding document for the City, amendments to the Comprehensive Plan are proposed to distinguish multi-family housing from middle housing and incorporate housing policies supporting a wider range of housing options and affordability per the recommendations within the Housing Needs Analysis.

Refer to House Bill 2001, Senate Bill 458 and the proposed amendments for detailed information.
Draft amendments may change during the review process.  If you should have any questions or need for additional information, please contact Laura Terway, Planning Manager, at 503.886.8445 or lterway@happyvalleyor.gov.

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