PN/NC Comp Plan TAC & CAC Meeting Schedule

Schedule for next steps

Location – Happy Valley City Hall

(Dates tentative and subject to change)

Mtg. #Meeting DateMeeting Date
12July 22, 2021 (6-8 PM)Reconvene the Community Advisory Committee (CAC)
August 24, 2021 (6-7:15 PM)Final Community Advisory Committee Meeting (CAC)
September 13 - October 8, 2021Open House* (online)
September 29, 2021 (5-7 PM)Open House (in-person)
October 2021 (6-8 PM)Planning Commission Work Session*
December 2021 (6-8 PM)Planning Commission Hearing 1*
January 2022 (6-8 PM)Planning Commission Hearing 2*
February 2022 (7-8 PM)City Council Hearing 1*
March 2022 (7-8 PM)City Council Hearing 2*

*These dates are not confirmed and susceptible to change

Committee Meetings

Mtg. #Meeting DateMeeting Date
1October 11, 2018Project Overview, Draft Committee Charters, Vision and Planning Principles
2November 15, 2018Existing Conditions (Part 1), Finalize Vision and Planning Principles
3December 13, 2018Existing Conditions and Needs Assessments (Part 2), Plan Concepts (Part 1)
4January 24, 2019Plan Concepts (Part 2) and Policy Ideas
5 (new)March 7, 2019Plan Concepts (Part 3) and Policy Ideas, Meeting Plan for Community Workshops
April 18, 2019Community Workshop: Pleasant Valley
April 25, 2019Community Workshop: North Carver
6June 20, 2019Review Feedback on Preliminary Plan Concepts and Policy Ideas from Community Workshops and Online Outreach, Provide Direction for Refined Plan Concepts and Policy Ideas
7September 19, 2019Refine Plan Maps, Reports from School Districts, Damascus Boulevard Background Information
8October 17, 2019Review Results of Parks Analysis and Transportation Modeling
9December 5, 2019Draft land Use Map, Summary of TSP Amendments, Utility Master Plan Updates, and Comprehensive Plan Policies
10January 23, 2020Infrastructure Planning Plan, Plan Updates, Plan Documentation
11February, 27, 2020PV/NC Summary Report, Draft Supporting Documents