Here is a helpful storyboard to assist you with learning more about the function and purpose of Land Use Planning and Comprehensive Plans in Oregon:


The City of Happy Valley is embarking on a land use and transportation plan that will guide the future of the Pleasant Valley/North Carver (PV/NC) area. The plan area is shown in the map to the right.

This is an exciting time for the area, as this plan will allow the expansion of quality public services, such as police, schools and parks, as well as offer community members a voice in the planning process. The plan will build off the efforts of the adjacent (to the west) East Happy Valley Comprehensive Plan, adopted in 2009, and provide direction for the City’s overall Comprehensive Plan.

The City of Happy Valley is the fastest growing city in Oregon, yet still places a high value on quality of life, community spirit, and planned growth. Businesses and residents thrive in this beautiful city, and we look forward to your help in planning for a future of balanced and sustainable growth in the Pleasant Valley/North Carver area.

The anticipated project schedule is forecasted to conclude the winter of 2020. Stages of the project include Research and Learning, Vision and Plan Concepts, and Plan and Code Amendments.


What will the PV/NC Comprehensive Plan do?

The PV/NC Comprehensive Plan will provide the framework for the integrated land use and transportation plan. There are many potential benefits: safer roads over time; ability to reduce congestion; a riverfront in Carver that people can use and enjoy; housing for those who live and work here; and a well-planned parks and trails system. These benefits often translate into more marketable homes and properties.

The planning process will include coordination and communication with property owners and the general public; Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD); Metro; the cities of Portland and Gresham; Multnomah and Clackamas counties; the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), and other area stakeholders.

Why do we need a Comprehensive Plan?

The Pleasant Valley-North Carver area is within the urban growth boundary. As such, urban comprehensive plan and zoning designations are required by state law. In Oregon, comprehensive plans ensure, through citizen involvement, that land use, transportation, natural resources, housing, economic development and other community needs are planned in a coordinated way that reflect local needs while meeting statewide goals and rules.

The Comprehensive Plan is one of many planning efforts and projects in the area. Related projects and studies include:


What does annexation mean?

Annexation allows the City to provide municipal services to properties and residents. More information on annexation is available here:  Over 1,000 acres have already been annexed within the project area. The City will continue to welcome additional annexations and new residents in the future.

What does this mean for people who aren’t annexed?

Those living in an area that is not annexed will not have urban zoning applied. They may later apply to become annexed if they wish to develop at urban densities. For those already located within the City of Happy Valley, the annexation applies, and property will be zoned for urban development. Those not in the City of Happy Valley will need to opt in to annexation at a later date and pay associated fees.

Must everyone be annexed?

Annexation is currently voluntary.

Why does the City of Happy Valley want to annex more neighborhoods?

Bringing more neighborhoods into the City of Happy Valley allows the City to extend municipal services in an efficient manner, expand coordinated public safety services, provide environmental protections, maximize business incentives, and ensure a well-planned transportation network.


Community Advisory Committee

The City has formed a Community Advisory Committee, or “CAC”, to help develop the PV/NC Comprehensive Plan and assist with community outreach. This 13-member group is comprised of individuals with broad and diverse interests who would like to help guide the Comprehensive Plan process. The group will meet nine times over the course of the planning process.

In addition to the CAC, community members will have plenty of opportunities to hear about area land use and transportation plans, and to provide input on how police, schools, parks and public services should be provided. There will be in-person and online workshops and events to share your views. Feel free to reach out to Michael Walter, the city’s Economic & Community Development Director, at any time via the contact information below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Project and Public Engagement Schedule

Project milestones and tasks are separated into three major areas of: 1) Research and Learning; 2) Develop Vision and Plan Concepts, and 3) Plan and Code Amendments. The Research and Learning phase takes place first, with existing conditions analyses, inventory and projections of area resources. In 2019, community members, and the CAC and Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) will begin to develop the vision for the area and to develop the key concepts that will guide the plan. Plan concepts and policy ideas will be developed and refined through the summer of 2019. The final phase of the project will involve updating citywide plans and the development code to incorporate the PV/NC Comprehensive Plan. Public involvement opportunities will run concurrently with the entire process, with three community outreach events and online outreach.


Local residents, key stakeholders, government agencies, and elected officials all have a role to play in developing the Comprehensive Plan.

The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) assists with community outreach and advising on the content and language of the PV/NC Comprehensive Plan. The CAC provides advice to the Planning Commission.

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is comprised of representatives from multiple agencies and service providers. The TAC will guide the technical aspects of the PV/NC Comprehensive Plan, particularly regarding transportation, infrastructure and parks planning. The TAC will provide technical review and coordination between jurisdictions and agencies. The City will appoint the TAC, provide support to their meetings, address inquiries throughout the process, and prepare meeting summaries.

Both the CAC and TAC will meet approximately 10 times with their respective groups through the course of the project.

Local residents and the public are engaged throughout the entire planning process via the project website and social media, as well as at community events, such as community information tables, workshops, and online and in-person open houses. Feedback received from public stakeholders will be summarized and provided to the project team to help inform the comprehensive plan.

The Happy Valley Planning Commission will gather ideas and advice from the public, the CAC and the TAC, and make recommendations to Happy Valley City Council. The City Council will review the recommendations and amend or adopt the plan. The plan will then be forwarded to Metro (regional government) and the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD). Metro will comment on and may suggest amendments to the plan. DLCD will ultimately acknowledge the plan prior to it taking effect.


You’re invited to two public workshops where you can learn about and comment on working ideas for land use, transportation, natural resources, the Carver riverfront, and more.

Community Workshop : Pleasant Valley

When: April 18, 2019 6:00pm-8:30pm
Where: Happy Valley City Hall (16000 SE Misty Drive) – Council Chambers
Map it

Community Workshop : North Carver

When: April 25, 2019 6:00pm-8:30pm
Where: Happy Valley City Hall (16000 SE Misty Drive)  – Council Chambers
Map it

Each workshop will have informational displays, presentations, and small group discussions. Everyone is welcome to both workshops, but feel free to choose the one you find most relevant. (Ideally, participants can be present for the entire duration of the 6:00-8:30 pm workshop.)

Can’t make it? Visit online workshops starting April 18 (for Pleasant Valley) and April 25 (for North Carver) on the project website at Each will be open for three weeks from its start date.


Community Provides Vision for the Pleasant Valley/North Carver Comprehensive Plan

The PV/NC Comprehensive Plan process is underway. The City formed a Community Advisory Committee (CAC)  and Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) to help develop the plan and assist with community outreach. Five CAC meetings have occurred since October 2018, with approximately four more planned.   Read more about the CAC at  For information on the planning work done to date, please see the Helpful Links section.

In addition to the CAC, community members will have plenty of opportunities to hear about area land use and transportation plans, and to provide input on how police, schools, parks and public services should be provided. Please participate in the April 18 and April 25 community workshops at Happy Valley City Hall (see Events section) and stay tuned for the winter 2020 community outreach event. Your input will help develop the community vision for the Comprehensive Plan.


Michael D. Walter, AICP
Economic & Community Development Director
(503) 783-3839 | email